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Missouri Alcohol Detox Centers & Alcohol Detox Programs

Alcohol is by far one of the most dangerous toxic drugs ever concocted and its withdrawal can be deadly making alcohol detox centers vital. Most people, including those in Missouri don’t have a clue alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous and should be monitored. Considering there are more people in Missouri seeking help for alcohol addiction and needing detox more than any other drug, alcohol detox centers are in fact very important.


You may be asking yourself, are all alcohol detox centers inpatient? Or can I detox from alcohol at home? Should I even check into a detox center at all? There are many things to look out for during the alcohol detox process such as high blood pressure, delirium tremens (shakes) and grandmal seizures which can result.  Call our Missouri drug rehab counselors now if you have questions about  the detoxification process or looking for help.

Alcohol Detox Centers and Addiction Treatment In Missouri

Alcohol detox centers are there to ensure the safety of the addict under medical supervision and involves stopping the consumption of alcohol, which causes the body to go into a shock or withdrawal of toxic influence of the substance. During this process, the individual probably will experience a series of withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms include:

•Depression and anxiety
•Sharp mood swings
•Sweats or chills
•Relapse into alcohol use
•Seizures or blackouts (in severe cases only)

The alcohol detox process generally lasts several days to two weeks. The withdrawal symptoms above are known to reach their peak after the first few days into the process commonly known as a latent withdraw. One should be aware of the mental emotional effects alcohol withdrawal that will occur in alcohol rehab. Many Missouri drug detox programs will use medication as a method to handle these issues which often lead to prescription drug addiction and further problems.

As a rule of thumb the function of the neurotransmitter in the brain which have a direct effect on how the person thinks and feels will take a minimum of 90-100 days to be produced at a normal level. Also the nutritional deficiencies created by alcohol will cause anxiety and can take time to replenish. Not allowing time for these issues to naturally correct with nutritional can lead to false diagnosis and dependence on other drugs.  Continued treatment using drugs as therapy for depression, anxiety and mood swings should be avoided if at all possible.

Rehabilitation after the Alcohol Detox Center

The core of any addiction treatment program is getting to the underlying issues that started the addiction and one’s that developed as a result of the alcohol abuse. Failed relationships, inability to cope, responsibility, correcting the damage done all need to be considered as part of the rehabilitation process. Learning how to deal with the dynamics of life normally without the influence of any substance takes time and effort. These counseling components should take place after leaving the alcohol detox center.

If you or a loved one suffer from alcoholism and need addiction treatment, call our counselors to discuss the alcohol detox centers and options in Missouri now.