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Missouri Drug Detox Programs & Detox Centers in MO

People suffering addiction and their family members often know little about addiction, drug abuse and the toxic effects produced as a result. All most people know is there is a problem. Information is key to putting addiction behind you and why you should contact our counselors today with drug detox questions like:

  • Is drug or alcohol detox needed?
  • What kind of alcohol drug detox centers should I look for?
  • Do rapid detox programs work? and what are the dangers of rapid detox?

Finding the best course of action for drug treatment all too often starts out with a drug detox center, or should depending on the substance being abused. Quite often people feel entering an alcohol or drug detox program is all they need to handle addiction problem.There is no doubt a tremendous need for Missouri drug detox programs. With over 50,000 admissions to substance abuse treatment centers in Missouri alone and drug abuse and addiction costing taxpayers over $7 billion annually, the Missouri drug detox business is booming. Although the heroin and other opiate addiction were near the bottom of the list for drugs of abuse in this state, alcohol and other drugs accounted for 40% treatment center admissions.


Missouri drug detox programs are equipped to fight opiate addiction, alcohol and prescription drug addiction. Opiates like heroin, opium, Oxycontin, Percocets, and Morphine often require medical detox due to the health of the addict. Heavy use of alcohol requires drug detox to avoid the onset of Delirium Tremens or the DT’s, as do benzodiazepines like Xanax, Klonopin and Valium. Psychotropic drugs commonly known as anti-depressants also are at high risk of needing a medically supervised drug detox.

Missouri drug detox programs vary in length. Drugs are physically addictive, especially opiates, benzos and alcohol so when a person stops abruptly withdrawal symptoms set in as early as 24 hours after last use. Withdrawal symptoms range greatly but can be very painful and can sometimes be very dangerous. The severity of a person’s withdrawal will depend on the severity of their addiction and health.

Symptoms are like a severe case of the flue range from migraines, anxiety, mood swings, and perfused sweating all the way to hallucinations, an elevated body temperature, and a rapid heart rate. If not handled correctly the addict is at risk of seizure and possibly stroke. An alcohol drug detox center is recommended if there are any doubts about the severity of abuse with many drugs and alcohol.

Benefits of a Missouri Drug Detox Program

A medical drug detox usually best for an addict because the physical effects of withdrawal is like having a severe case of the flu, only magnified several times over, headaches, chills, fevers, cramps, nausea, diarrhea and insomnia. Withdrawal is the area of most concern when entering a Missouri drug rehab program.

For alcoholics withdrawal is called Delirium Tremens or the DT’s, involves all of the above along with shaking which is often violent. These alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms are the most challenging and raise red flags for drug detox professionals and seizures are possible with subsequent strokes. Benzodiazepine withdrawal is very similar and should have a medical drug detox to ensure a safe withdrawal for the addict.

Medical drug detox offers patients a synthetic opiate, as to avoid the pain associated with the withdrawal process. This synthetic opiate is often in the form of methadone. Over time, the patient will gradually be given less and less of the medication, until they are completely weaned off of it.

There are natural drug detox programs that can be implemented in place of the medical detox which is as beneficial and healthier for the addict in long run. It is always better to be safe than sorry on the subject of drug detox and if you or a loved one need have question or need guidance please call our hotline or fill out the form provided. We can help you find alcohol or drug detox centers in Missouri and elsewhere if needed.