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Missouri Non 12 Step Drug Alcohol Rehab Centers

Non 12 Step drug rehabs are becoming more and more the preferred method of addiction treatment. Unknown to many, there are alternatives to traditional inpatient drug rehab programs. Many people want to find others sources of treatment that are Non 12 step and would like to know:

  • If there are Non 12 step drug rehab programs available
  • What kind of Non 12 step drug rehab programs there are
  • How to contact a Non 12 step alcohol drug rehab center

Thousands of addicts seek help each month, literally hundreds each day in Missouri and if you suffer an addiction problem or have a loved who does, nothing can be more frustrating than failed attempt after failed attempt in traditional twelve step programs. Many people have found success with the 12 step program, but unfortunately most Missouri drug rehabs are no longer than 30 days.


Non 12 step drug rehabs usually are much longer than the thirty day model and this provides one of the reasons for success. Many people don’t understand addiction so there for fail to see why, when an addict fails, there are fundamental reasons that prevent success with addiction recovery. If you have an addiction problem, have tried the traditional drug rehab centers with no luck, call our counselors now and go over your Non 12 Step drug rehabs and options.

Non 12 Step Methods of Addiction Treatment

There are a variety of non 12 step drug rehab programs that include long term Christian based drug rehabs, Wilderness programs and the Bio-physical/Cognitive/ Educational model drug rehab programs. Each of these methods of treatment has its won unique approach to helping someone overcome addiction. Of course these drug rehab programs vary in length, location and costs as well.

These non-12-step drug rehab methods are for the most part located outside of Missouri. The Christian based programs are non-denominational and usually take between 12-18 months of inpatient treatment using scripture as a guide to handle life’s issues. Wilderness programs utilize team building and trust enhancing therapy and usually take 6-8 weeks to complete. Thebiophysical drug rehab usually takes 3-6 months using nutritional therapy, cognitive life skills, objective exercise therapy and a social educational component.

Missouri Non 12 Step Rehabs- Success in Rehabilitation

Most Non 12-step drug rehabs employ basic principles that provide a much better chance at success in addiction recovery. Considering the physiological toxic effects of drugs & alcohol, treatment programs that last 90 days or longer improves one’s chances tremendously. Other issues surrounding addiction are drug toxins that burn nutrition in the body and the natural function of the brain that needs time to heal. Changing one’s pattern of thinking takes time as well, and this usually can happen in non 12 step drug rehabs that are longer term.

Many addicts are not aware of the other options like a non- twelve step drug rehab program and are quite surprised when hearing of other methods of treatment. If you are struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs, and do not feel a traditional drug rehab program is the right fit you, call our counselors now, we will be glad to go over your non 12 step drug rehab options and find the right alcohol or drug rehab program for you. Non 12 step drug rehabs provide an alternative to treatment unknown the many, this could be the right program for you.

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