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Biophysical Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Missouri

Bio-physical drug rehabs are becoming more and more recognized as the most successful form of addiction treatment in the alcohol and drug rehabilitation field. You may be wondering what a bio-physical drug rehab program does, or how long it is and many other things. Many people have questions like:

  • What biophysical drug rehab is
  • Why Biophysical drug rehabs have higher success rates
  • How to contact a biophysical drug rehab in Missouri

Bio-physical drug rehab programs are long term drug rehabs that work to restore the nutritional deficiencies created by the drugs, remove drug and alcohol toxins from the body, handle underlying mental emotional issues, restore self esteem, and teach someone how to live life again without using drugs as a method of dealing with life’s issues. The actual description of a Biophysical drug rehab would be a Bio-physical/Cognitive/ Social Education model Missouri drug rehab program.

Bio-physical Drug Rehabs and Addiction Treatment

Biophysical drug rehabs provide a much firmer foothold for better success in recovery.  The biggest reason someone cannot stop using drugs and alcohol are drug cravings. These cravings come about by drug toxins stored in the fatty tissues of the body like liver and brain tissue as well as the tissue wrapped around veins and organs. This storage happens during the metabolization process whereby the drug and alcohol particles, when filtered out of the body by the liver and kidneys, are changed into a fat bonding toxin that can adhere to the fat.

Biophysical drug rehab programs help the body to heal and over come drug cravings. Anytime the heart rate is elevated during moments of stress, anxiety, work or exercise these drug toxins are releases back into the bloodstream entering the brain and causing the person to crave the drug. These cravings hamper any progress made with counseling making addiction recovery much more difficult to attain. These drug residues can stay in the body undetected for years. The only treatment programs that handle these residues are the bio-physical  drug rehab methodology.

Bio-physical drug rehabs utilize sauna body purification program to remove these drug residues so progress can be made during the addiction treatment program. These sauna programs employ a specific nutritional regimen under supervision, exercise, lots of water and heat. These fatty stores are loosened up releasing the toxins and removing them from the body.  Of course this is done after complete medical check up and blood work are performed to ensure the addict’s health will allow this brand of treatment.

Missouri Bio-physical drug rehab/Cognitive Therapy/Educational components

The bio-physical drug rehab address more than just the physical aspects of addiction. Once the nutritional deficiencies are restored and the drug and alcohol toxins removed the addict will then enter the cognitive therapy portion of the treatment program. This therapy is about 60-75 hours of cognitive and objective exercises designed to pull the addict out of the past, and helping to put past painful experiences behind them.

Once completed the addict then goes onto to learn about social and anti-social characteristics, personal value, integrity and how to improve the condition ones life utilizing all the dynamics that influence person’s life. With this approach, very high success rates are achieved and average of 75-80% addiction recovery on a permanent basis.

If you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol and would like to learn more about bio-physical drug rehabs, call our counselors now, we can fill you in. We know where all the best kinds of addiction treatment programs are located and these include the bio-physical drug rehab and treatment programs as well.