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Long-Term Drug Rehabs in Missouri

Many addicts and families of addicts in Missouri are seeing more and more the need for long term drug rehabs. With the current success rates in short term rehab programs hovering lower than 20% at best and thirty day programs averaging between 2% -8% success rates it’s not hard to see the need for longer term treatment options. Long term drug rehab programs work tremendously better than any other form of treatment.


With hundreds of drug rehab programs throughout Missouri and considering the success rates mentioned above one would think the availability of longer term drug rehabs would be more abundant. The truth is the only reason a thirty day program is exists is that’s about all the insurance companies will pay for.

The people of Missouri are in need of long term drug rehabs as more and more people are realizing that 30-day rehab programs aren’t usually going to be effective enough and are searching for long-term drug rehab centers. Statistically, a longer term treatment program is going to be more successful than one that offered even the same type of treatment over a shorter period of time.

Addiction is hard enough to overcome and goes on for years before anything is ever done. Long term drug rehab programs work better, it just that simple. This is proven time and time again, and if you understood the mechanics of addiction it would be clearer. There are physiological changes in the body and brain that need enough time to correct themselves and thirty days is not long enough. A drug rehab in Missouri of 90 days or longer has much higher chance of success. Other programs may not be as long as others but much more successful in terms of permanent addiction recovery because of the rehabilitation processes and methods used.

What is the adequate length for a long-term rehab center? Of course this depends on who you are talking to but we recommend programs of 3 months or longer which are results based not time based. This allows time to heal both mental and physical damage done by the toxic effects of drugs and alcohol that allow for the needs of the addict to be addressed.

Missouri Long-Term Treatment changes attitude and behavior.

Too many families in Missouri are ready to give up, especially if someone has been to several short term rehab programs and been unsuccessful. Long term drug rehabs work better for a number of reasons, most importantly giving the addict time to address all the emotional demons which restores  to the addict, and hope to families.

Most long term drug rehab programs do not look at addiction as a disease. Addiction is not an incurable disease or some unknowable mystery. Successful proven methods are available to help restore the lives of addicts and their families. Long term drug rehabs work the first time around and have a much higher chance of success. 

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