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Missouri Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

The demand for alcohol addiction treatment seems to continually increase. Alcoholism is by far the Nation’s number one addiction problem and Missouri follows suit. More people seek alcohol addiction treatment in Missouri on average more than any of form of treatment. Our counselors work with drug addicts and alcoholics alike and can help you by:

  • Teaching you about alcohol treatment modalities
  • Finding effective alcohol abuse treatment centers
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If you have someone with an addiction to alcohol and needs help, you know there are many things to consider in finding the correct treatment program. Do I need to find an alcohol detox first? Or is it part of the alcohol treatment program? What should I expect during alcohol withdrawal?  Should alcohol abuse treatment differ from a drug addiction treatment program, or are they the same? And the list goes on.

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There are many things about alcohol addiction treatment that are similar to drug addiction treatment with a few things that vary. The effects of alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous and should be of concern. Its is always best to enlist the help and alcohol detox for safety’s sake, however there are alcohol treatment programs  that incorporate detox into the overall treatment program.  Our drug rehab and addiction counselors are very dedicated and experienced with the Missouri drug rehabs, alcohol rehabilitation and treatment options. Call and get the help you need!

Missouri Alcohol Treatment

There are many forms of alcohol addiction treatment. There are about as many treatment methods for alcoholism along with opinions and philosophies as there are treatment facilities. Basically there are four kinds of treatment offered with 98% of the rehabilitation programs using the 12-step (AA) method. These programs usually come in one of two forms, a traditional 12- step program or the dual diagnosis treatment and are typically 30 days long. Other addiction treatment programs include the long term non-denominational Christian programs, and the Bio-physical/Cognitive program.

Each one of these programs varies in length, cost, location and most importantly success. Some of these alcohol addiction treatment programs use other drugs as therapy for alcohol addiction symptoms while the more natural drug free program used nutritional therapy and sauna body cleansing treatments along with cognitive therapy. We recommend drug treatment or alcohol rehabs of at least three months or longer as these long term drug and alcohol treatments provide a much higher chance of permanent addiction recovery.

Missouri Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options

Most of the Missouri alcohol addiction treatment programs use the first two methods of rehabilitation along with alcohol detox programs to help with the withdrawal. A word of caution, alcohol is not something that should be stopped abruptly if there has been consistent consumption and the health of the addict is in question. Alcohol withdrawal can sometimes take 24-72 hours to kick in so should not be taken for granted. An experienced alcohol addiction treatment program should be aware of this.

If you have questions about alcohol addiction or you  or your loved need a treatment program, call our drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselors to discuss which option  would be best for you. We can answer your questions about Missouri drug detox programs or alcohol withdrawal, alcohol addiction treatment programs and provide you with certainty about the direction you would like to go with your treatment plan. Call now and speak with a counselor.