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Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Missouri

Substance abuse and the need for drug addiction treatment have a horrendous impact on Missourians, effecting every aspect of life for individuals, families, communities, and government with the devastating consequences such as property crime, vehicle accidents, school failure, low worker productivity, family dysfunction, and homelessness. Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Missouri can help stop the addiction and get you on the road to recovery. Learn more about:

  • Drug addiction treatment methods
  • Success rates in Missouri drug treatment programs
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There were over 52,000 drug addiction treatment admissions in 2009, with nearly 12,000 for alcohol addiction, over 9,000 for alcohol and other drugs, over 13,000 treatment admissions for marijuana and 9,000 for methamphetamine and crack cocaine addiction treatment.

Costs to Missouri taxpayers are over $7 billion annually with 70 percent attributed to productivity losses – negatively impacting Missouri’s economy and prosperity. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that government bears 45 percent of the cost of drug abuse. There is no doubt drug addiction treatment is needed.

Missouri Drug Addiction Treatment Methods

There are many drug addiction treatment options throughout the United States. The Missouri drug rehab options available are limited. Most drug or alcohol rehab programs offer traditional treatment programs based the twelve step philosophy developed in the 30s called Alcoholics Anonymous or AA.

An offshoot to that is Narcotics Anonymous or NA operating of the same set of principles. In addition there the AMA rubber stamped dual diagnosis treatment of addiction whereby a person is deemed to have a dual existing condition, a mental disorder and an addiction as a result. These drug addiction treatment methods also use the disease model stating an individual is locked into a deadly dwindling spiral of genetic inheritance and are and always will be an addict. With success rates of an average 1 to 10 percent recovery, these explanations of addiction and its treatment leave tremendous room for improvement.

Long term drug addiction treatment programs using a totally holistic drug free treatment approach have much higher success rates while offering hope to the addict. This hope drives the addict to achieve success and prevails for permanent recovery. Talking to our addiction treatment counselors helps you to understand what’s going to work for your or your loved one. We feel whatever works for you; you should use, but if not there are other options outside Missouri.

Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery in Missouri

Alternative drug addiction treatment options are available in different parts of the country. Drug rehab programs that focus on nutrition and are holistic in nature and extremely comprehensive offer success rates from 40 to 80 percent. While these addiction treatment programs may not be the most promoted remedies to addiction by the vested interest of the treatment industry, they are available, certified by state and federal agencies and can help a person recover from addiction permanently.

It is wise to get an expert to guide you through the choices until you are certain you have made the one choice that might save the person you love. If you or someone you love lives in Missouri need drug addiction treatment or alcohol rehabilitation and would like to investigate alternatives in addiction treatment then call us today.