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Alcohol & Drug Addiction Intervention in Missouri

Interventions for drug or alcohol addiction can put an end to your troubles in short order. An addiction intervention saves lives. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from kind of drug or alcohol related incident and if you have a family member with an addiction problem it’s never to soon for an intervention.We will help with:

  • Learning about the drug intervention process
  • Knowing when drug abuse intervention should take place
  • Contacting professional drug intervention specialists for help

Missouri has over ten thousand addiction treatment admissions into drug or alcohol rehab each year making interventions badly needed. The old adage “they’ve got to hit bottom” is allowing for an uncontrolled descent into pain, misery and death which can and should be avoided at all costs. Interventions put an end to the madness.

An alcohol drug addiction intervention as you might guess is the act of intervening, getting between or putting a stop to some non-survival activity, for our purposes that would mean an intervention for drug and alcohol addiction. Drug interventions work when nothing else will. Many mother and fathers get the idea that they know what is best when it comes to providing what the addict needs to survive and nothing could be further from the truth. “I just want to help him out until he gets on his feet” is basically making it easier for the addict to continue the alcohol or drug abuse. Without a drug addiction intervention the inevitable is right around the corner, jail, hospitalization or quite frequently death.

Missouri Drug Addiction Intervention – When is the right time?

Its never to soon to perform a drug intervention. If someone you care about has a drug or alcohol addiction or substance abuse problem it’s never too soon to consult with a drug intervention specialists about getting the addict help. Being witness to self destruction is not good for anybody and something can always be done. Standing by waiting for someone to start making pro-survival decisions is like asking a drowning man to swim, it’s not going to happen, and they need help and fast, help that comes in the form of those who care enough to do an intervention.

Drug Alcohol interventions are needed more often than not. Many people want to know exactly how much of the drug is being used, how long and how severe the addiction is. You have to treat addiction like an iceberg, you are only going to see the top ten percent at any length and be told an acceptable truth. The drug or alcohol addiction is a symptom of a problem that then becomes the problem, so knowing the severity of addiction or exactly how much is being abused is really irrelevant when considering an addiction intervention. It’s the non-survival behavior and overall outlook on life that has to change, that’s why you need a drug abuse intervention.

Drug Intervention Tips

Interventions are successful almost every single time and will be an educational experience for the family in dealing with a drug or alcohol addict. Most of the time families want to work out getting the willingness of the addict and will try a drug intervention without the use of a professional.Drug intervention specialists are trained at maintaining control, staying focused and are not emotionally attached to the addict.

Family interventions fail the biggest percentage of the time, as the family usually does not know how to interact with an addict as it is, much less in the heated confrontation during the drug intervention program . The emotions run to high and drastic, reactive decisions are made which are ingredients to intervention failure. Seeking the help of an experienced interventionist provides the highest chance of success.

If you think you may need an addiction intervention and would like to speak to one of our experienced rehabilitation counselors about arranging one, please call our hotline or fill out the form provided.